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“Photography for passion” is not just a simple tagline; it really reflects what photography means to me! A kind of reinterpretation of reality, when possible based on classical pictorial references but also the privilege of freezing crucial moments, preserving them for ever and ever. Wedding photography is probably the one which, above all other kinds of photography, takes the most advantage of it…

But I’m also a diver and the whole Riviera Maya is an amazing place, even underwater.

Well! Combining my two old passions (photography and diving) took me finally to develop and offer “Trash The Dress Underwater” and “Underwater modelling” sessions.

They are both something really magic. Newlyweds or just ordinary people modelling underwater, looking as if they were flying and every shot, creatively edited, turns into a small surreal masterpiece. (BTW You don’t need to be a diver, just a swimmer…)

But let me also mention my “Underwater maternity” sessions, which I recently fell in love with. A mother-to-be flying underwater is the most fascinating and poetical subject you can imagine.

So feel free to join me and my team. You’ll never regret it 

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